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"iAm Geek" aka "iGeek" is available over at for only $10. It's Sunday only, so be sure to pick one up starting at midnight on the 9th!

The perfect present for any geek in your life. Will work great as a stocking stuffer!

- Thehookshot

Can a zombie use the force and shoot a blaster? What would you do if a 8-foot tall zombified Wookiee was coming after your brains? Star Wars meets The Walking Dead in this zombie mash-up.

- Thehookshot

Two new designs for sale over at Othertees! "Wizards Rule" and "Geeky and I Know It". If you missed them before be sure to pick one up for $12!!

Get your geek on :)

Be sure to check it out and let all your friends know! As always, I appreciate the support everyone! Excited for this design :)


Have you always wanted to be a wizard or Witch? Show your support with our "Wizards Rule" shirt!! has it up for 24 hours only at the great price of $10!! Be sure to let all your friends know!!!

Only a few hours left - be sure to grab one or let your other geeky friends know!!
Be sure to tell all your friends!

Starting at 11PM EST, Eat, Sleep, Science will be on sale on for $12! Be sure to take the opportunity to support some science!

As always, thanks for supporting Thehookshot!
The retro-only blog is no more. After 3 months of advertising every way possible I finally realized that I needed to expand to some of my other interests. I also realized that our specialty is designs, and our Skyrim/Minecraft designs are very popular. It made sense to turn Hookshot into what people really wanted: Great designs for Geeks!

That's exactly what has happened! I redesigned the site to be easier to update and more to the point - and our designs have taken center stage. They still remain mostly T-shirt designs, but it's expanding. Traffic is at an all time high, so right now the designs are pushing the traffic.

- Hookshot_John
Never been into journals much - but felt I could write a little about what I'm working on currently. Usually I get into a phase where I'll focus heavily on a specific type of art or project. For awhile it was our retro website ( and now I'm working more on T-shirt designs. As a designer I have to consider where I should put my time and resources for certain projects. The t-shirt designs are actually making a much larger profit than the websites current ad revenue, so I've switch up my priorities a little. When I was in highschool and college I felt like I had more freedom to design what I wanted, but now it's whatever can make the most money.

I guess that's what happens when you get older and have to make an income! Anyways, check out my shirt designs and I'll let you know when focus shifts again.